Dog Manners Class

So... You took your puppy to puppy school, but for some reason your now adolescent puppy dog, no longer responds to your requests and seems to have forgotten everything? Your canine teenager might just need a refresher to get back on track with their manners. Or, perhaps you've rescued an older puppy or dog, who just needs some brushing up on their basic obedience skills?

The Mindful Dog offers a 4-week Dog Manners Class for dogs over 6 months of age.
Check out the full program below.

What Will Your Dog Learn

Over 4 weeks your dog will learn:

  • Sit/Stay.
  • Down/Stay.
  • Rocket Recall (Come when called).
  • Loose Lead Walking.
  • Strategies to change unwanted behaviours.

Course Fees & Inclusions

The upfront course fee is $199.00 and includes:

  • Weekly follow-up emails with your Manners Class course notes and homework.
  • FREE phone and email support during your 4-week Manners Class.

Enquiries & Enrolment

Option 1: enrol now using our web form below.

Option 2: call 0423 623 302 or email us

Option 3: visit our Manners Class partner
Paw Republic, 47 Alexander Street in Crows Nest,
and book on the spot!


Age: Your dog is older than 6 months.

Health: Your dog is in good health, parasite free, and either up-to-date with their C5 vaccinations (DHP: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus; Kennel Cough: Parainfluenza, Bordatella), or has recently had a positive titre test result for the above.

Behaviour: Your dog does not display aggressive behaviour towards unfamiliar dogs or people. If you are unsure if your dog can attend, give us a call to discuss or book a private Dog Training session.

When & Where

Our 4-Week Dog Manners Class runs for 1 hour, on 4 consecutive Sundays, 3:00 - 4:00 PM, at:
Paw Republic: 47 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2065 (laneway entrance at the back, in Paw Republic garage).

Start any week! You can enrol for our 4-week Manners Class any week, because each week we cover a specific topic (see full program below).
Join us for 4 consecutive weeks, and you will have worked through the entire program.

Upcoming dates: DOG MANNERS CLASS
Small class sizes - Limited availability!

What To Bring

  • A regular, flat buckle collar or a martingale, training collar.
  • A regular, fabric lead (no chain, bungee or flexi leads please).
  • Your dog's favourite soft treats (tiny pieces), in a doggy treat pouch.
  • Your dog's favourite toy.
  • Your own doggy poo bags.

Manners Class Program - Focus Topics, Week by Week


Basic Obedience Tricks

At the start of week 1, we will quickly run through where everyone is at with the following basic obedience tricks, and adjust individual instruction levels to suit your dog’s ability: Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Recall, Loose Lead Walking.

We then get straight into the refresher training for the following tricks:

  • "Sit/Stay"
  • "Down/Stay"
  • "Place" (or "Bed")

To close off the week 1 session, we discuss some key concepts and approaches we can use when training our dogs, in order to help them (and us) succeed. How to Cultivate Calmness, as opposed to inadvertently rewarding their over-excitement, lunging, jumping and barking behaviours.


Loose Lead Walking

This week our entire focus is on developing that enjoyable, relaxed, connected, loose lead walk with our canine companion.

Combining a bit of theory and lots and lots of practice, here are some of the things we will be covering:

  • How to (not) hold the lead.
  • How to develop the good habit of regular check-ins (eye-contact).
  • How to teach your dog "Heel", "Watch" and "Leave".

To close off our week 2 session, we’ll have a quick discussion about advantages and disadvantages of popular dog walking equipment: collars, leads, harnesses etc.


Rocket Recall

This week our entire focus is on developing a reliable, recall when we call our dogs to come, whether at home or at the off lead park.

Again a combination of a bit of theory and lots and lots of practice. Here are some of the things we will be covering this week:

  • Reliable "Rocket Recall" = Emotion in Action.
  • When not to call your dog with "Come!".
  • What to do if your dog does not come when called.

To close off our week 3 session, we'll discuss some ways you can safely practice your dog's recall in off lead parks.


Your Dog in the Community

In our final week of Manners Class, our focus will be on how we can best meet community expectations and legal requirements with regards to being a responsible dog owner. We need more dog-friendly options. How can we help #keepaustraliapetfriendly?

We'll start this week's session by showing off how far our dogs have come over the past 4 weeks, and... test if we can call our dogs away from food… and doggy playmates. Then we'll dive into a discussion about the expectations set on dogs and dog owners in our community, and how we can best meet them:

  • Test your dog's reliability when we throw in some distractions.
  • Your dog and the law.
  • Is this a training problem or a behaviour issue? (e.g. barking, destroying things).

To close off our final week, we'll have a quick Q&A session about any dog related topic attendants would like to discuss. And last but not least, we'll be acknowledging and celebrating our dog's achievements over these past 4 weeks, by handing out of their hard-earned, Manners Class Certificate.

Dog Manners Class Timetable & Enrolment

Location Map: Paw Republic, Laneway Access (Alexander Lane, Crows Nest)

Crows Nest map with laneway access