Dog Training

You really, really love your dog. And, most of the time, he or she is an absolute joy to be with.
But,... if only your dog would stop [ fill in the blank ].

If your dog’s embarrassing [ blank ] is any of the following:

  • stop lunging and pulling on the lead whenever we’re out on a walk together
  • stop jumping on people whenever we have visitors over, or we meet someone who just wants to say hi and give you a pat
  • stop barking like mad at every other dog or passer-by
  • stop being so distracted and completely ignore me whenever we’re out and about

We can help!

What if, you could have a dog that behaved more like this:

  • imagine the company of a calm and responsive dog, in any given situation
  • imagine your dog, in a relaxed trot, by your side, on a loose lead
  • imagine feeling proud every time a visitor or total stranger compliments you on your well-behaved dog, who politely sits and stares whenever someone comes up for a pat
  • imagine feeling confident that your dog will come every time you call, even when off lead at the dog park
  • imagine a dog that doesn’t bat an eyelid when he or she hears a strange sound or when someone just passes by your house
  • imagine not feeling guilty or anxious whenever you need to leave your dog home alone, knowing he or she has learnt to cope with these inevitable, real life situations

No! We are not suggesting you get another dog!

We can help you to train this dog (or dogs, for that matter) to be the best they can be. We can teach you effective training techniques, and provide you with the necessary tools and professional guidance, to get it right.

No more embarrassing moments of “misbehaving”... Instead, you can feel proud and confident about your dog’s actions - anywhere, any time. You will have a dog who has learnt what is appropriate and expected - a well-behaved, canine companion. Mostly, this will be thanks to your amazing commitment to raise such a good dog,... and a little help from The Mindful Dog’s professional dog training services.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s teach your dog what to do instead of [ “embarrassing” blank ].

Learn how to:

  • “Cultivate Calmness” - the answer to 80% of your dog training problems!
  • Strengthen your relationship with your dog, and get 100% focus and cooperation, anywhere, any time.
  • Read your dog’s body language. What is your dog trying to tell you?
  • Be as efficient and effective as possible when communicating with your dog.
  • Get the behaviours you want, on cue.
  • Use “Tricks of the trade” dog training techniques and useful tools.
  • And lots more...

What does it cost?

We always suggest to have an initial consultation, in order for us to get a good idea of where your dog is at, and what your specific goals are. This session usually runs for an hour and a half to two hours and costs $199.00.
At the end of this initial lesson, we’ll have a much clearer picture of your situation, and whether you need further dog training services. If so, we’ll be able to recommend how many lessons you will need in order to reach your desired outcome, and we can provide a few options. The total cost of a tailored dog training program will vary depending on what’s included and which option you choose. But in general, the cost per session would work out to be less than this initial consultation.

Dog Training

Your Instructor

Radica made a big shift from the IT world to the animal industry in 2012, when she decided to join Mosman Vet as a full-time Veterinary Receptionist. During her five years there, one of her responsibilities was to coordinate Vicki Austin’s puppy class bookings.

Always keen to improve things, Radica took the initiative to make some changes: she streamlined the booking process and email confirmations, designed a Puppy Class Certificate, purchased new stools for the attendees, printed educational posters for the classroom etc.

But, it was not until she observed the very experienced and skilled dog trainer, Vicki Austin, at work; that Radica’s early childhood passion for dog training was reignited.

She started taking dog trainer courses and read only the best science-based resources and books on dog training and behaviour she could find ("devouring" Steven R. Lindsay's tomes: Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior & Training, Vol I, II and III).

In 2014 Radica completed Vicki Austin’s Puppy Class Instructor Course, and was given the incredible opportunity to assist Vicki for 6 months during her puppy classes at Mosman Vet.

She has since gained much hands-on experience and has attained her professional certification through the well-respected, and globally recognised Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, as Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).

Still an eager dog training and behaviour student, she continues to expand her knowledge and training skills, by taking courses, attending seminars and workshops, and by visiting expo’s and industry events.

Radica currently lives in Crows Nest NSW Australia, with her husband and Pet Photographer, Jean-Jacques Halans. They share their lives with the always happy and gorgeous Nero, a Belgian Mechelaar (Malinois) x Kelpie rescue dog; and the ever suave, adopted feline, Mr. Mauro.

As your qualified instructor, Radica will help you set the right priorities and put effective strategies in place to teach your puppy how to get it right. She also provides FREE, phone, email and Facebook support to all her Puppy School Graduates* up until their 1st birthday! (* Conditions apply: Your puppy has attended all 4 sessions of our puppy class and has shown clear progress from week to week.)